Mnangagwa opens doors for Chamisa

"We are now in a meeting that is currently considering and can only respond after that meeting," said Sibanda.

However, senior sources said that the MDC alliance was unwilling to work with the government of Mnangagwa.

"I do not think after what has happened in this country, President Chamisa will be willing to work with Mnangagwa How can a democratic party cooperate with a president who shot people in cold blood? Unarmed citizens? That will not happen," said the source.

MDC Director of Communications Luke Tambarinyoka said that the ConCourt ruling had saddened many Zimbabweans, but indicated that Chamisa would respect the ruling and live to fight another day.

"Zimbabweans have just received with a heavy heart the ruling of the Constitutional Court that Emmerson Mnangagwa was legally elected president of Zimbabwe in the just, harmonized plebiscite," Tamborinyoka said.

"For the record, President Nelson Chamisa and his legal team have filed a formidable lawsuit on behalf of the people of Zimbabwe, a case of chicanes and electoral pilferage that was justified by the embarrassing revision by the Zimbabwean election committee of its own declared results for a record of three times … in the end people will rule. "

Zanu PF politburo member Patrick Chinamasa said that the inauguration of Mnangagwa would take place tomorrow following the ConCourt ruling, where the opposition said they would seek the political route to raise their case.

Speaking to journalists at the ConCourt yesterday, Chinamasa accused the MDC alliance of participating in acts of banditry in an attempt to reverse the economic gains that Mnangagwa achieved in his campaign to recruit foreign investors.

"We are very pleased that the ConCourt has confirmed the free will of the Zimbabwean population and I am also disappointed by the efforts of Chamisa, (PGI and Alliance Head Tendai) Biti and the company to request intensification and expansion of the sanctions against the economy In essence, the profit that President Mnangagwa had made in addressing the issue of renewed engagement with the economy, multilateral institutions, was all they wanted to undermine and reverse, especially through the acts of banditry and riots that they on 1 August, "he said.

Chamisa's lawyer, attorney Thabani Mpofu, said that despite the verdict against his client, Zec still had eggs on their faces because they had not raised serious questions about their integrity, and also left Mnangagwa with serious legitimacy issues, even after the court pronunciation .

"The 2.6 million people who voted for Chamisa have just been deprived of their chance to know the actual figures, for example you know very well that we had indicated in our newspapers that we would sue the Zec Commissioners for the 2.6 million and the registrar refused to give that summons … we are happy because of the question that we have brought to court, we are happy with the questions that in our opinion Zec have not answered.At present we still do not know how many votes ED Mnangagwa managed to gather At the moment, the 16,000 votes admitted by Zec had still not disappeared.

40 000 discrepancies between the results of the President and Parliament have still not disappeared. At the moment, the results of the 9 592 ghost polling station are still not gone, "he said.
MDC-T Secretary-General Douglas Mwonzora said the party would pursue the political path to retreat after the Court's unfavorable ruling.

"We have to accept that this is the final decision of the last court in the country and we have to respect it." This does not mean that if we are not happy with anything, there are no remedies, there are still political solutions, but I want to repeat that we act within the law as MDC, "he said.

However, Zanu PF secretary for legal affairs Munyaradzi Paul Mangwana greeted the ruling of the court.

"There is no harm, because if the constitution offers the rights to a losing candidate to challenge the elections and that constitution is applied, then you do not harm the integrity of Zimbabwe." In fact, our commitment to constitutionalism is underlined by the way on which the case was handled by the judiciary, the court endorsed the statement that President Mnangagwa won the election, they did not bring any evidence of cheating, let us focus on our economy, let's live together, "he said .

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