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From Fungi Kwaramba

As the icy relations between President Emmerson Mnangagwa and his grumbling predecessor Robert Mugabe improved, the government hastened hundreds of thousands of dollars last week by hiring a charter plane for the former first lady Grace – to fly her from Singapore to Harare for her funeral. mother .

File Image of President Mugabe and his wife Grace (REUTERS / Philimon Bulawayo (ZIMBABWE)
File Photo of then President Mugabe and his wife Grace (REUTERS / Philimon Bulawayo (ZIMBABWE)

Grace was treated in Singapore for a secret illness when her mother Idah Marufu died last week – and encouraged Mnangagwa and his government to search for funds to charter the plane so she could attend her mother's funeral.

This comes as Mugabe, who until recently had been tortured with Mnangagwa and his colleagues in the government, recently made a beautiful turnaround – on his way to end his tide with his former, long-acting assistant by congratulating him on winning of the fiercely contested July 30 presidential poll.

Mugabe, who fell out of power last November, on the back of a military intervention, had not kept his bitterness and contempt for Mnangagwa and his government hidden until last month.

Well-placed sources confirmed yesterday's Daily News that Grace had been given a "5-star treatment" from the government in her emergency after Mnangagwa dug deep into the country's treasure chest to bring her home in time for her mother's funeral.

"Yes, there was a plane that was sent especially for her because we do not have a direct flight to Singapore, and we were all amazed at the President's and Government's show of compassion.

"As a result, her journey was busy, thanks to the government and they (Mugabes) received all the help that suits people of their status," said one of the sources close to the former first family.

Although the Daily News could not get the exact cost of the plane charter, other sources said that this would probably have happened to hundreds of thousands of dollars from the United States.

Mnangagwa & # 39; s spokesperson George Charamba, who this week with the president in China, said he could not comment on this issue – referring to all questions to Regis Chikowore, the chief director of the Department of Media, Information and Broadcasting Services that was not available for comment.

But the National Patriotic Front (NPF) spokesman, Jealousy Mawarire – who recently acted as media intermediary for the Mugabes – confirmed the development by thanking Mnangagwa and his government for hiring the plane on Twitter microblogging site.

"I want to thank 2 Mnangagwa and his presidency for facilitating the journey of the former First Lady Dr. Mugabe home for the funeral of Ambuya Marufu.

"Such a gesture is invaluable and highly appreciated, may the Lord keep you, raise His face upon you, and grant you peace," said Mawarire.

This is after Mnangagwa sent a sincere condolence communication to Mugabe and his family when he heard of the death of Marufu, in a move that was generally seen as a continuation of restoring relations between him and the former, long-standing leader of the country .

"Last night (Thursday) I met Ambuya Marufu with grief of death, mother of our former first lady Amai Grace Mugabe and mother-in-law of Cde RG Mugabe.

"The sad development is coming at a time when the Mugabes are not doing well, with Amai Mugabe in Singapore, where she receives medical attention, and my heart goes out to the family.

"I urge our entire nation to stay with the families Marufu and Mugabe and join the family, so that their concerns are softened and made bearable," said Mnangagwa – who had previously dropped the prefix combination when he referred to Mugabe.

Until the inauguration of Mnangagwa, Mugabe had been involved in a bitter relationship with his successor – after his bewildering fall of power at the end of last year, which he described as an attack on constitutional rule by the army.

And on the eve of last month's national elections, the former president threw the cat between the pigeons when he publicly supported Nelson Chamisa – before telling the nation that he would never vote for Mnangagwa and Zanu PF.

"Today (July 29) is a better day, I hope it will be a better day tomorrow, I am sure that the good Lord will help us to have a better day tomorrow.

"Let's decide tomorrow … there must be a big no-guns directing politics, we will never again experience a time when an army is used in politics.

"I have never met Chamisa, I wish to meet him if he wins, I can not vote for those who have brought me into this situation.

"I hope that the vote that will be held tomorrow will sneak out the military form of the government and bring us back to constitutional law," Mugabe told journalists in his Borrowdale mansion, popularly known as the blue roof.

Despite the fact that he did everything he could to derail the election bids of Mnangagwa and the ruling Zanu PF on the eve of the elections, Mugabe moved to end months of his bitter relationship with his former comrades by his daughter Bona and her husband Simba to send. Chikore to bring a special congratulatory message from him and Grace to the inauguration of the president.

The ailing 94-year-old and Grace were unable to attend the great occasion because of their ill-health, which led them to fly to Singapore for medical assistance.

Interestingly, the government of Mnangagwa had mentioned the former first couple to the dignitaries who were about to shake hands with Mnangagwa at the inauguration ceremony at the National Sports Stadium.

"Excellency, thank you for your invitation, my wife is not healthy in Singapore, I am not healthy either, so I send my daughter and son-in-law to represent us.
Congratulations, "Mugabe said in his surprise message read by Mnangagwa when he delivered his main address to thousands of people who had packed the gigantic stadium.

Mugabe resigned from the office at the end of last year, a few hours after the Parliament had instituted proceedings to accuse him – after he had refused to leave office for eight tense days that began with military intervention in the government of the country.

The operation also saw that the non-Jewish and the confused grace was placed under house arrest, while several Cabinet ministers who had ties with the generation 40 faction – which had been merged around the Mugabes – were also the target.

The destroyed G40, before the military intervention, ended up in a bitter war with Mnangagwa and his followers for the control of both Zanu PF and the country. Daily news

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