Mudede Dragged To Court for Blacklisting Journalist

By Paul Nyathi| Human rights lawyers have sent Registrar General (RG) Tobaiwa Mudede to the Supreme Court to obtain an order compelling him to lift a number of travel restrictions imposed on freelance journalist Violet Gonda, who has been blacklisted government and denied a Zimbabwean passport.

Lawyers from Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights (ZLHR) recently filed a request with the High Court to request an order to require Mudede and Home Affairs and Cultural Heritage Minister Obert Mpofu to unconditionally grant Gonda a Zimbabwean passport.

In the application Gonda & # 39; s lawyer Denford Halimani of ZLHR argued that officials at the offices of Mudede did not want to give the freelance journalist a passport when they were living at the offices of the RG with a view to requesting a new passport in Zimbabwe replacement of the just expired she was living in the UK.

Halimani stated that an official refused to issue Gonda with a passport with a written statement "SL", which implied that her application could not be processed because her name was on a so-called STOPLIST and hence it was Mudede forbidden to give her a passport or any other form of identification to which a citizen of Zimbabwe is entitled.

Halimani claimed that her client, who paid the required application fee of $ 253 for the processing of a passport during a period of three days, was shocked by the conduct of officials at Mudede, since she was born in Zimbabwe by birth and whose citizenship have not been renounced.

Halimani stated that the rights of her client as guaranteed in Article 35 (3) (b) and (c) of the Constitution have been violated because she is entitled to a passport and other travel documents and other identity documents issued by the state.

Halimani argued that Gonda has not been charged or convicted of a violation by a court of competent jurisdiction to place her on a restriction list and that her Zimbabwean citizenship can under no circumstances be revoked or lost.

The human rights lawyer protested that Mudede's behavior violates the fundamental rights of Gonda as a Zimbabwean citizen, including freedom of movement and residence and also of its right to administrative justice and equitable hearing that are protected within the meaning of Article 68 and 69 of the Constitution. Gonda also wants the so-called Mudede stop list to be declared illegal and invalid and to be deleted.

The issue remains to be determined before the hearing in the High Court.

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