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Mugabe & # 39; s son-in-law under investigation – Newsday Zimbabwe

The information collected shows that Chikore negotiated on behalf of the local company the deal in which aircraft from Malaysia were purchased.

The Malaysian government reportedly based the MH series on two major incidents in 2014.

Zimbabwe, looking for a jump-start from a fighting national flag, offered to buy the aircraft, which created a scandal that would have damaged the country millions of dollars.

"From what has been collected so far, the government paid about $ 110 million on behalf of a private entity, the Zimbabwe Aviation Leasing Company, but only $ 50 million was received by the Malaysian authorities," said another source.

Harare lawyer Phillipa Philips, who has represented Chikore in the past, said she has since stopped doing what she said about integrity issues.

"I have heard that he is being examined, but I no longer represent him", says Philips.

Asked to explain why their relationship broke, Philips stated that Chikore is a & # 39; imposter & # 39; used to be.

"He continues to insist that he is a captain, but has never proved or proved that he is one, and those working with him at Air Zimbabwe and Qatar Airways say he never qualified." These issues of integrity, I really appreciate and he seems to think that he can do everything because he is politically connected, "said the lawyer.

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