Pastor Chiriseri says that the death of a three-man who robbed her husband's body was no coincidence – the Zimbabwe mail

Prophet Charles Chirisei

The widow of Apostle Charles Chiriseri, Reverend Petunia, has denied allegations that the "vengeful spirit" of her husband caused the death of the people who had allegedly stolen his corpse.

Apostle Chiriseri died in an accident in 2016 at the pin of 388 km along the highway Harare-Bulawayo. Pastor Petunia survived with serious injuries after their vehicle was overthrown when trying to avoid two cows on the road.

On the spot $ 200, three brand-new mobile phones and a laptop were stolen, and three people who reportedly had a hand in the theft died in eccentric accidents while a fourth survived an accident.

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In an interview during the unveiling of the tombstone of Apostle Chiriseri on Monday, Pastor Petunia who now directs his presence ministries internationally (HPMI), founded by her husband, said that the late preacher was a good man and would not change his mind because of death .

"Apostle Charles" spirit is who was apostle Charles. Your mind does not suddenly change in nature after death. He was a good man. He could not suddenly enjoy the death of three people and injury from a fourth, "she said.

Pastor Petunia, however, acknowledged that the incidents were not accidental.

"It is clear that this was not a coincidence, we were also perplexed as a family, it was clearly God's decision to expose the insensitivity of humanity.

These unfortunate deaths are very sad for us all, but God chose to prove what a deeply prophetic man of God he was, "she said.

Pastor Petunia said the police informed the Chiriseri family that all three men who had plundered cash and possessions at the scene of the accident died in road accidents and the fourth survived a road accident.

She added the church and the family sent their condolences to the next of kin.

Pastor Petunia said she had moved on with her life and the tombstone's disclosure helped to close the church and the family.

She said that the Chiriseri family has released her and that she can now marry again, but she has emphasized that this is not her focus.

"In terms of remarriage, in a family meeting after the unveiling of the gravestone and church service attended by our children and representatives of church leaders, the large Chiriseri family has released me to remarry if I want to," she said.

In the strange dead, Mkhokheli Mpofu, a police officer who had stolen US $ 200 from the corpse of Apostle Chiriseri, was hit by a car as he covered a roadblock that was located near where Apostle Chiriseri had his misfortune.

He died on his admission to the United Bulawayo hospitals on the same day. Another suspect, a Kurai Bus Service conductor, Forget Chikweya who reportedly stole a Samsung S6 fell from a bus and died while Honest Hleza, a firefighter with Bulawayo Fire Brigade who reportedly stole a laptop, died when the fire truck he found himself falling only he and a colleague who would be complicit in the theft.

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