President & # 39; s speech gets thumbs up

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Zvamaida Murwira Senior Reporter
Lawmakers and members of civil society yesterday greeted President Mnangagwa's speech when he officially opened the first session of the ninth parliament, saying that it set the tone for economic recovery.

Minister of Mines and Mine Development, Winston Chitando, said the President's speech was encouraging.

"The whole address was very positive, and we are looking forward to playing our part in mining and also in line with other ministries about realizing the 2030 president's vision of being a middle-income economy," said Minister Chitando. .

South African parliamentary support Trust executive director, Mr. John Makamure, described the president's speech as a big difference from the previous one.

"It was a very good address, it is a departure from previous addresses, the President dealt with critical issues of public interest, and I felt that the legislative agenda should give an impetus to the economic agenda. election tasks Now we have to keep the promises made during campaigns, so the economic agenda is the first and you need an appropriate legal framework to steer that agenda ", said Mr Makamure.

"It is the duty of parliamentarians to ensure that there is new legislation and to amend existing legislation so that the investing community has confidence in Zimbabwe, because the legislation you introduce gives signals in terms of the seriousness to attract investment. should not be normal, they should be prepared to make a contribution SONA has laid the foundations for Parliament's monitoring and legislative work, "

The chairman of the National Leadership Council, Chief Fortune Charumbira, said the speech was focused on what the president had done during his election campaign.

"We are encouraged and enthusiastic about the speech, it touches and concentrates on the issues that the President undertook in his manifesto to pursue when he is in office, so he has been consistent and wants to see that he has the problems he with Davos and his desire to disinfect and clean the working environment for investor, services, etc. The Urban and Spatial Planning Act was a stumbling block in the planning and execution of projects The Mining and Mining Act is another problematic area. In the past, it caused conflicts between communities and mine owners, "said Chief Charumbira.

He also praised the president's position on zero tolerance to corruption.

Zanu-PF Chivi South Member Dr. Killer Zivhu praised President Mnangagwa's commitment to the transfer of power to lower levels of government.

He said deconcentration could make a major contribution to the capacities of local authorities, especially rural district councils that had nothing to see because of their enormous donation of natural resources such as minerals and water.

"There are several minerals in areas such as the Midlands, but the local authorities have no control over the investor that could come in. With devolution all proceeds go to the development of those areas." An area like the Midlands, Mberengwa district, there is a lot of underdevelopment because the neighborhood has nothing to see for the different minerals that can be found in the area, "he said.

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