RadioVop Zimbabwe – No party in Mat Noord when Malaba rejects Chamisa's challenge

From Bonani Muleya

VICTORIA FALLS – The judgment of the Constitutional Court confirmed by President Emmerson
Mnangagwa appropriately selected on Friday was a non-event in Matabeleland North as
no party was celebrated.

Chief Justice Luke Malaba rejected an application from MDC free of charge
Alliance leader Nelson Chamisa challenged president
Mnangagwa & # 39; s election.

Although, of course, there might be wild celebrations to mark it
end of the battle and announce "a legitimate" rule for Zanu-PF,
there were no signs of happiness when the residents went on with them
work as if nothing happened.

Notable were sad faces when people expressed their disappointment about the outcome.

The disappointment of people is based on the reality of the next five years
under the rule of Mnangagwa, according to those who have visited the social media
express their concerns.

"We are on our way to very difficult times and celebrate
celebrating five years of asking each other about exchange rates
the black market and their unemployment, "said one resident.

In Hwange a representative of Transparency International Zimbabwe
Fidelis Chima who is also the coordinator of the residents association of Hwange
said residents were disappointed.

"We knew that this would not happen given the state of ours
legal system, but it would have been a history in the making if it
the verdict was different. People are very sad and nobody is it
celebrate, & # 39; he said.

A majority of people followed the legal proceedings on ZTV and
updates from others on WhatsApp platforms.

Those who were at work followed the procedure on social media
platforms and were happy that it was unlike Wednesday
not interrupted.

On Wednesday, people missed most of the procedure that was due
to loss of transmission on both ZTV and ZBC radio stations.

People from Hwange, Victoria Falls, Kazungula, Binga and the nearby areas
especially those along the border with Botswana and Zambia are the most dependent
on radio and TV from the two neighboring countries due to erratic

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