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Parks and nature conservation in Zimbabwe have warned the poachers who target animals in Zimbabwe's wildlife sanctuaries and national sanctuaries, and said law enforcement officials are not hesitant to book them.

National park Rangers in Zimbabwe
National park Rangers in Zimbabwe

Last week, a spokesperson for the Zimparks, Mr Tinashe Farawo, said, although reports showed that poaching activities were declining in the country, some people threatened to threaten the safety of Zimbabwe's wildlife heritage.

The Zimparks rangers performed a shootout last Sunday with six suspected poachers in Sinamatela Area along the Kariba Dam.

The poachers were in possession of 13 pieces of ivory weighing about 200 kg, a shotgun of 375, five ammunition rounds and a mobile phone with a registered Zambian line.

"Our officers who had been on extensive patrol to retrieve footprints from a gang of about six poachers, but during the trial there was an exchange of gunshots and the suspected poachers managed to flee with their booty," he said.

Mr. Farawo said that research was still ongoing and repeated the joint efforts of the Zimparks to continue to protect the heritage of the animal kingdom in the country. The Herald

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