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RBZ Governor Mangudya ⋆ Pindula News

The governor of the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ), John Mangudya, said that the future of the country looks bright and claims that the authorities had done well under difficult circumstances in the past. Mangudya said in the Sunday Mail

I think we have done well under difficult circumstances and the outlook is positive for the future. We have passed the bump. The expenses for the elections are very high all over the world and in our case we have passed this bump. As a central bank, we will continue to press for more lines of credit from old and new sources to meet the demand for too large an expansion of the economy, putting the demand for foreign currencies under pressure.

… We are working to strengthen the systems with multiple currencies to maintain value in public funds. This is very important because it gives confidence that is very important in the economy. Furthermore, we will give more strength and strictness to the export to generate more foreign currency for the country. There will be more measures in the monetary policy statement.

Lake: Sunday Mail

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