Zimbabwe: Moza Hails Zim Elections

A visiting Mozambican delegation described the recent harmonized elections of Zimbabwe as free, fair and non-violent.

Mossourize district administrator Cde Fernando Samuel and his delegation visited a solidarity visit to attend the commemoration of Heroes Day in Zimbabwe in Chipinge on Monday.

He was accompanied by war veterans from his country and members of the ruling party Frelimo.

Cde Samuel praised the country for maintaining peace before, during and after the elections, in which the Zimbabweans were described as mature people who loved peace.

"On behalf of the Mozambican people, I would like to congratulate the people of Zimbabwe for voting in peace on 30 July," he said. "Let the peace that was experienced during the elections continue to prevail forever.

"For a country to grow there is a need for peace and Zimbabwe is ready for economic growth, because every investor is prepared to work in a peaceful country like this.

"As Mozambicans we make notes of our counterparts here, so that we will do the same if we also hold our elections." Our country is known for political instability after elections, but I want to make it clear that we have made significant progress in reconciling the conflicting parties. "

Cde Samuel said his government is looking forward to working with the new government of Zimbabwe to promote development relations between the two countries.

"Mozambique and Zimbabwe share a common history and we hope to continue working together and register an economic boom," he said. "I will call in my Chipinge counterpart and forge bilateral agreements.

"There are many areas where we have to work together with our counterparts here, for example to combat smuggling, roaring of cattle and theft."

Zanu-PF Chipinge coordinator Cde Simon Sithole saluted the Chipinge community for choosing leaders of their choice in harmony.

"The Heroes Day commemoration came at a time when millions of Zimbabweans had just voted to elect leaders for the Parliament, the Senate, the local authorities and the presidency," he said.

For Chipinge the day is very important, because the district has a very high number of sons and daughters who perished during the liberation struggle.

"We thank our Mozambican counterparts for their steadfast love for us, they helped us during the liberation struggle and now they still honor us with solidarity visits," he said.

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