Zimnat and HIT organized a hackathon. We need more of it!

Hackathons are not entirely new, but in 2018 Hackathon's terrain will win in Zimbabwe. Zimnat came together with HIT in search of solutions that can be implemented in the insurance activities of Zimnat and although we were not aware of this hackathon, we are still enthusiastic that these things are happening. NetOne recently organized a Hackathon. Hove Group Investments also organizes an interuniversity by the end of September. In November of this year, efforts are being made to provide a Divaton – a women-focused hackathon.

Zimnat and HIT

Back to the case at hand. Twelve students from HIT's Electronic Commerce and Financial Engineering Institutes competed in four separate teams to come up with solutions that are relevant to Zimnat:

1st Posted team– John Sakala, Amen Mushanyuki and Philip Mashingaidze. Each of the members of the team has $ 400 and shields.


2nd Posted team– Itai Zulu, Susan Chikerema and Augustine Mukumba. Members of this team each received $ 200.

3rd & 4th Posted team– The names of the team members were not disclosed, but each member of the third and fourth team received $ 100 and $ 50.

Future collaborations?

It is great that such partnerships are entered into and the Group Chief Executive Officer, Mr Mustafa Sachak, expressed his confidence in the possibility of future cooperation between Zimnat and HIT. Mr. Sachak also said that the initiative is a way to give something back to the educational community:

The goal of Zimnat is to make life better for its customers, stakeholders and the community in which it operates. This initiative is intended to give back to the educational community while we are also looking for solutions to better serve our customers.

It is great that these initiatives keep up the pace and we hope that Zimnat, HIT and all other institutions also approach us for publicity when they have such events in the future, because coverage is just as important.

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