DeMbare, Yadah in a boring draw

But while Dynamos was playing the pressure, Yadah FC started to play with the draw. Brian Madzokere played a central role when he was injured several times, but refused to be on a stretcher as he wanted to kill time.


Dynamos: S Name, Postcard, Postcard, M Chatana, G Mukambi, B Moyo, G Saunyama, B Cities, (K Demere 50 & # 39;), D Mukamba, E Mandiranga (P 57 & # 39;), T Macheke

Yadah FC: S Subject, B Sweat, A Copper, B Shoot, Eagle, C Caseke, (L Murape 54), L Elephants, Matters, S Soleole

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