Oman wins ICC praise for achievements – Oman

The sultanate again hit the headlines after the cricket team beat Nepal through seven wickets in the opening game of the six-nation Asia Cup Qualifiers also with the UAE, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Nepal.

After developing first class cricket facilities on the Amerat grass site, Oman Cricket won ICC confidence after being selected to hold the ICC World Cricket League Division Three tournament in November. This is the first time that the country has organized a major ICC tournament.

Shortly after completing the sultanate's very successful hosting of the ICC Cricket World Cup Trophy for two eventful days, Oman Cricket has words of encouragement from International Cricket Council, the governing body of the game in the world.

An ICC spokesman at the Dubai headquarters said: "Oman Cricket is one of the best performing associate members and the ICC has a close working relationship with them to stimulate the growth of the game."

When asked if the ICC expected Oman to organize more events in the future, the spokesperson said: "It has just been announced that Oman will receive the ICC World Cricket League Division Three in November, the excellent facilities and hospitality will undoubtedly ensure that Oman will be a fantastic host for one of the important events of the ICC in the 50-surplus. "

In answer to a question why ICC had selected Oman as the only country in the region to host the CWC trophy, the spokesman added: "The ICC was pleased that Oman, one of the first tour at the ICC Cricket World Cup Trophy Tour, one of the 11 countries that visit the Trophy outside the participating teams in the most connected Trophy Tour ever Oman Cricket presented an impressive proposal for the trophy tour, with visits to historical Omani monuments, interaction with the cricket community at a reception on their impressive cricket grounds in Muscat and contacts with fans. "The wide range of activities helped the people of Oman to connect to the ICC Cricket World Cup and we want to thank Oman Cricket for all their hard work to date."

Pankaj Khimji, Oman's representative at ICC, had named the ICC CWC Trophy to Oman as the 'crowning' of Oman's Cricket journey that includes more than forty years & # 39 ;.

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