PDV upbeat about Sables future

"It is a very young team with an average age of about 24 or 25 years and my vocation to the trade union and the business community is that they will continue to support the team, it will be a process and the results will not come up just one day. the other: Imagine where we could be in the next two years, I believe this will be the team to be beat, I hope that our sponsors will continue to support this team and take care of the current players we have and develop them better players, they can only get better, "he said.

Mutamangira also expressed his joy after his charges finally succeeded in repaying the belief that their coach had shown them.

"We only needed this as a team, as I have always said that this team has a lot of potential and we owe it to our coach." He has been with us from the beginning and despite all the criticism he said I would not have my team He said I believe in you, you are the best and I have chosen the right guys for Sables and today we just showed it and I'm really proud of the guys and we can only grow from here, "he said. said.

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