The dramatic debut of Ronaldo ends with keeper in hospital Football news

Cristiano Ronaldo's Serie A debut was not marked by a goal, but by accidentally putting the keeper of the other team in the hospital.

With the score 2-2 locked in Juventus & # 39; competition in Chievo Verona, Ronaldo clashed with Stefano Sorrentino in a chaotic penalty area.

Sorrentino was briefly cooled and there were an anxious few minutes because it was immediately treated before it was replaced.

The 39-year-old keeper was immediately taken to the hospital and released on Sunday morning with a broken nose, bruises on his left shoulder and whiplash.

Sorrentino joked about the incident and posted a picture on Twitter with the caption: "Thank you for your messages of support, affection and appreciation, we are a fantastic group and yesterday we have almost achieved the performance: while CR7 has fully reached me!"

Later he also revealed on the social media site that Ronaldo had contact: "I received a message of support and wished for a speedy recovery from Cristiano Ronaldo." Thank you legend! "

Sorrentino took several beautiful saves to deny Ronaldo and his Juventus
although Chievo lost the game 3-2 after Federico
Bernardeschi & # 39; s
stoppage time winner.

"Before you hit the
I told myself that I should try to stop him in all possible ways, "Sorrentino said on Italian television.

"I did that in the real sense of the word." During the commotion Juventus scored a goal using the goal line technology, after which it was refused a few minutes later in a video assessment.

Paulo Dybala and Giorgio Chiellini celebrated when the goal was given, causing widespread outrage because Sorrentino still received urgent treatment.

"Paulo wrote to me, apologetically because he had not realized the seriousness of the situation and he was celebrating for a goal that I did not even know I had admitted," Sorrentino said.


After launching his rap career with the release of his first single "King", Kevin-Prince Boateng begins to prove that he can become Serie A royalty again.

Boateng returned to Italian football in July and signed for it
in one of the surprise moves of the outdoor season.

He previously played in AC Milan in 2010-13 and six months at the beginning of 2016 after his contract was terminated by the German club Schalke.

Playing in a more forward role, the 31-year-old Boateng inspired
to a 1-0 victory over Inter Milan
the beginning of the opening weekend.

He forced himself physically in front and created room for the wingers. Boateng, who has already scored
in the Italian cup, also hit the post with one

"(Boateng is) very important in the locker room,"
coach Roberto De

"If they (players) need help communicating in English, German, French or Spanish, they are always on hand to make them feel more comfortable."


One of the potential stars of this season came forward on Sunday when Miha Zajc set a great performance
2-0 victory over Cagliari.

Zajc was central to each
move and set both goals for Rade

The 24-year-old Zajc already played in Serie A when he was signed
Ljubljana in January 2017, in
last season in the top flight.

Zajc made only five appearances in the Serie A, but played a major role in the promotion campaign of last season, which ended
to go on as a champion.

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