The Masters is a tradition that is different from all others. The competition will be an event that is different from everyone else.

After months of hype and trash talk, it's time for Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson to put their money in the right place. A tan Oasis in the middle of the Las Vegas desert, Woods and Mickelson are all ready to play in the majestic Shadow Creek with $ 9 million on the line.

The match-play event is something that the golf world – or the sports world – has never seen before. If the price tag of $ 19.99 per display was too expensive for you, USA TODAY Sports Adam Woodard and Martin Rogers are here to keep up with the game and highlight the biggest moments for you.

Hole 13 – Par 3

Another "closest to the pin" side bets for $ 300k. Tiger lost the first two of these bets.

Tiger: Useful 6-iron here for Tiger on the difficult par 3, just barely catch a ridge to 15-feet.

Phil: Another great shot from Lefty here, winning his third "closest to the pin" challenge after his ball was rolled to 9 feet perfect to play the beat of the green.

Phil of $ 400k.

Hole 12 – Par 4

Tiger: TREE! Tiger smoked a ride 320 meters straight on the green. Tiger folds a piece to about a meter for a bird.

Phil: A bit conservative here of Lefty while his 3-wood finds the right channel, giving him a bad angle at the green that has a correct pin placement. He went straight ahead, finding the middle of the green, but still a long way from the cup. He gave this putt a ride but misses long and right.

Tiger 1-up, Phil $ 100k higher.

Hole 11 – Par 4

It is a short par 4, and as Ernie Johnson remarked on the broadcast, there was only one ace at number 11 in Shadow Creek: Hall of Fame pitcher John Smoltz. Another side-bet for an eagle here, this time for $ 200k.

Phil: The tee-shot here is bad for Phil (cracking of the door). Phil flopped his throw and it took a bad kick to the left. 12-foot for Phil to halve the gap and keep his 1-lead, but misses right away. Par.

Tiger: The Big Cat went for this and landed on the green, but it just dripped away. He has a lot of green to work with to get so close. Great shot of Tiger, which makes it walk along the green to within 5 feet. Phil tells him to pick it up for birdie.

All square by 11, Phil up to $ 100k.

Hole 10 – Par 4

Phil: Driver for Lefty and he is a long way off here, 300-plus yards in the fairway. Phil's approach is about 20-plus feet away with a downhill break. It moves a bit more than he had thought and is missing right away. Phil was left to make half a foot par for half.

Tiger: Eldrick uttered a subtle abuse, even though his ball found the middle of the fairway, but he is nowhere near Phil. Tiger went up and down and got a "good work, T" from Phil. Par.

Phil 1-up at the turn, $ 100k higher.

Hole 9 – Par 4

They made a bet of $ 100k if someone ran out for an eagle (it's a forgiving pin placement). BUT WAIT. They increased the bet by "another 0" and it is now $ 1,000,000 for an eagle.

Phil: Lefty takes the tee at number 9 and flirts with the creek, which means that he HAS RUN. He is in a good place here. Million dollar shot turns into a million dollar flop when Lefty comes into the bunker short. Known for his short game, Phil has almost chipped his chip, missing only a few inches.

Tiger: A good iron for Tiger here. Not as far as Phil, but he is in the navigation channel. His approach does not come close to the pin, but he is on the green. He gave it a lift and missed, but he has a good look at par. Tiger converts the two-putt par.

Phil 1-up at the turn, $ 100k higher.

In the broadcast Charles Barkley was critical of the "bad wave" that was being played and he said: "I know I'm not good, but I can beat these two today."

Hole 8 – Par 3

Another side-bet! $ 200k for a & # 39; which is closest to the pin & # 39 ;. The two also did a 3: 2 odds bet on making their birdie putts, Tiger won $ 75k when he made it, Phil won $ 50k.

Tiger: For the first time today Tiger gets the honor of the T-piece. He landed it about one foot too short on the green and rolled back a bit. That hurts his wallet if Phil does not get him within 40 feet. He left his birdieputt far too short and opened the door for Phil to take back the lead (and some more money). His par-putt had too much pace, hit the right edge and missed. Bogey.

Phil: Lefty did exactly the same as his ball to Tiger threw. It stops * just short *, about 2 feet within Tiger. That's another $ 200k for Phil. His putt goes as long as Tiger's was short. No more money exchanged with the miss. From 1.5 meters Phil drops the par-putt to claim the lead again.

Phil 1-up to 8, up to $ 100k.

Hole 7 – Par 5

Before we start the action at 7 am, here are the early ideas of Justin Thomas about The Match.

He's not wrong, people. Tiger tried to lure Phil into a bet, but Lefty did not take it without extra chances, because he stressed too much. Many people have made efforts to seize spots on later holes when the back-nine is approaching. Our Martin Rogers notes that it is 1:37 p.m. in Las Vegas, and there is a lot of tasteful drunkenness in the gallery.

Phil: Phil's tee shot found the first roughly sharpened and his second shot was no better. He went for the green but came short, this time finding a bunker. Jungle to Jungle was a great movie, but bunker to bunker is a bad way to play for Phil. His third found a bunker about 10 meters in front. Not good. He had to get out of the bunker to halve the hole, but unfortunately he does not.

Tiger: Tiger smoked his ride, his best shot of the day. His second, 40 meters for Phil, missed to the right and is just next to the green. Tiger's putt of the green was about as good as possible without going into it. He maps the birdie to even the game.

All-square by 7. Tiger up $ 100k.

Hole 6 – Par 4

Phil: Another great shot from the tee for Phil. He dominates this game early on. "Come on, dear," Phil says, while his approach shot takes a long time, but falls perfectly straight towards the hole. Useful photo of Lefty there to make a birdie chance. After Tiger's miss, Phil got the chance to take a 2-up lead with a birdie and he left it behind. Par.

Tiger: Kar golf for the boys as Tiger's ride goes just a few meters past Phil. Tiger plays his shot short and rolls it to the green, about the same distance for birdie. "Blocked it" says Tiger, who misses a bit long and right. Another 4-footer to save par for Tiger and he wins. Another half.

Phil 1-up through 6. Tiger up $ 100k.

Hole 5 – Par 3

And we have our first sideline bet! Phil and Tiger are "closest to the pin" on the first par 3 for $ 100,000.

Phil: Not too shabby here from Lefty, getting one to 7-foot. He wins it & # 39; closest to the pin & # 39 ;, but is still $ 100k in bets. He tapped lightly on his putt but left it short. Blown chance their for Phil who picks up par.

Tiger: He is on the green, but nowhere near 7-foot. "That is so bad," he says while he is on the tee box. Tiger was here a kilometer away on the green and he walks up to 5 meters behind. He drops the putt half a turn.

Phil 1-up to 5. Tiger up $ 100k.

If the gallery looks bright for the next few holes, you can blame the 4th green refreshment tent, filled with fresh gourmet taco's and plenty of free beer to fill a club party.

Hole 4 – Par 5

Phil: Driver is useful for Phil here, and he might just have the green light to go for this one on two. A 2-meter 253-meter-long iron runs from green to rough, just a bunker fog. Phil told Tiger that his putt was good, but he chose to draw. Tigers did not agree, good ones and they are both looking for birds.

Tiger: "No" said Tiger after contact, because this ride lands in the fairway but runs straight to the gallery. His second shot comes quite short on the first cut rough, 107 meters from the green. He stuffs his third short next to the cup for a great birdie chance, that should be a gimme and that's it too. Little bird.

Phil 1-up thru 4. Tiger up $ 200k

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Hole 3 – Par 4

Phil: First pilot of the day and Phil crushed it along the fairway. His approach "came low and turned" and lands left of the cup, about 20-feet away. "Dive, dive, dive", he says while his putt just slides to the left. Par.

Tiger: The Big Cat also pulls the driver, but is missing right away. 165 meters to the green on a rough hill, planned to keep this as short as that and it is. His chip is up and down, exactly the same distance from where he missed at number 2. Par (but this also rolls around the cup).

Phil 1-up by 3. Tiger up $ 200k

Hole 2 – Par 4

Phil: Another iron for Lefty in the middle of the tee. The second shot misses a bit to the right, but he is just off-the-green, pin-high. Known for his short game, Phil's chip ran long and left, making a difficult 4-footer for par, which he converted.

Tiger: Tiger's 3-wood goes a little further, also in the navigation channel. The door was open to Tiger, who flew his approach from the back of the green. It is a back-pin placement, so no real damage with Phil, not even the green. Tiger failed his chip and folded his 3-footer before par. He reached for the cup before he kicked out. Yikes. Bogey.

Phil 1-up by 2

Hole 1 – Par 4

Cupcakes and muffins are neatly arranged on a table at the first tee box, in case Tiger or Phil – or someone else – gets hungry. As if we did not eat enough yesterday. Phil won the toss – and took the medal – and will start here at number 1.

With $ 200,000 in a row here at the first tee, Phil tore a 2-iron down into the middle of the fairway. Woods followed his suit with an iron his own, dead straight ahead, but it ran through the fairway and just into the rough.

As they walked to their balls, the two talked about how & # 39; cool & # 39; Samuel L. Jackson is, marveled at the course and even talked about how special it is for their children to join them.

The second shot of Tiger nestles just outside the cup and provides a great look at the bird. Phil has just landed inside Tiger, but rolled a little to the left. They are both within 10 feet.

"Do not break," said Tiger, who missed exactly right. Phil does not either.

"That hurts the bag," said Tiger with a grin. All-square to 1, except in the wallet, where Tiger is now plus $ 200,000.

Fun fact: two Taiwanese businessmen have also gambled $ 2,000 on the hole.


No tickets have been made available for sale, but about 400 people are on site and will follow the competition, many of them via affiliation with sponsor Capital One or with broadcaster TNT / BR Live.

Woods showed up at Shadow Creek at 8:56 am local time. Mickelson arrived a little more than an hour later at 21:53. The trash talk started on the putting green, with Tiger in his classic Sunday Red.

"You have decided to go red today?" Mickelson asked.

Woods' reaction to Lefty, who wears his signature all-black: "Black is very slimming."

Both Woods and Mickelson played the microphones on the back of their pants during their putting sessions. This can be a comfort problem and will probably take some getting used to.

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