Grandia 1 and 2 HD comes to Nintendo Switch; Grandia 1 HD is also coming on steam

Two legendary RPGs find their way to the Nintendo Switch.


The legendary RPG from Game Arts Grandiaand its follow-up Grandia 2, both will be directed to the Nintendo Switch, published publisher Gung Ho today (via IGN). The original games are widely regarded as one of the greatest RPGs of all time, praised for their beautiful art and their innovative fighting system (the latter is considered unparalleled by many genre scientists to this day). Now they are made available for the first time to play on a modern console.

The original Grandia was released as a showcase RPG for Sega & # 39; s Saturn and uniquely optimized for its difficult hardware. It was later ported to the original PlayStation (it was this version that was then localized and released in the west by the now defunct Working Designs). Grandia 2 would follow on the consoles of the next generation, and although he was not as well received as the first, he is generally still very popular. Disable fans that have been treated to some fantastic RPGs on the system, like the one just released Octopate traveler (which has its own innovative fighting system) will probably enjoy what Grandia offers.

The best part? The game is coming out this winter, and we'll see more of it at PAX West. Moreover, there is more good news: Grandia 1 is coming to Steam (the second game was released for Steam a few years ago, you remember). So it just seems to be RPG goodness.

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