Hasbro makes & # 39; Fortnite & # 39; versions of Monopoly and Nerf Blasters

"Fortnite" is the hottest name in online gaming. Now IRL toymaker Hasbro bets that it can convince gamers to drop their joysticks and play an old-school board game – the company is working with "Fortnite" publisher Epic Games on a version of "Monopoly" based on the massively popular multiplayer survival game .


Just like in the video game version of "Fortnite", where 100 players fight to death in the "Battle Royale" mode, the goal of "Fortnite Monopoly" is also to be the "last man", "Epic" Mustard notes in his tweet, but Hasbro has also made some changes to the traditional "Monopoly" gameplay for the new version, including replacing money with health points and allowing players to "shoot" their opponents to harm their health.

And instead of classic property names like Park Place and Marvin Gardens (taken from real streets and neighborhoods in Atlantic City, New Jersey), Fortnite Monopoly & # 39; contain marketable properties named to locations on the map & # 39; Battle Royale & # 39; in & # 39; Fortnite & # 39; For example, "Fortnite Monopoly" will replace Boardwalk with an accommodation called "Tilted Towers", named after an area in the video game where players often fight each other.

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