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A few weeks ago Porsche published some early images of what appeared to be a 911 Turbo 993 that has been restored. And now the car "Project Gold" has been officially unveiled in all its brilliant glory as a model from 1998 that has been upgraded to the Turbo S specification as a continuation of Porsche.

The car is still powered by the classic 3.6-liter air-cooled twin-turbo flat-six engine, but in this incarnation it now develops 450 horsepower that is sent to a four-wheel drive via a six-speed manual transmission. The engine and powertrain are not the originals, but instead come from the extensive inventory of Porsche Classic.

In terms of aesthetics, Project Gold certainly lives up to its name with bodywork painted in Golden Yellow Metallic, a color also used for the 2018 Porsche 911 Turbo S Exclusive series. It is not completely golden on the outside, but the only pieces that are not gold are the wheels, door handles, rear-view mirrors, window coverings and wing vents that are finished in black instead. Black leather dominates the inside, but the golden theme is continued in a subtly subtle way with some bright yellow contrast stitches.

In addition to a healthy dose of carbon fiber upholstery on the dashboard, there is also a badge that announces the one-of-one nature of a car, which also gets a new chassis number that follows immediately after the last 993 to roll off the production line.

There was some suspicion about what would eventually happen to Project Gold, but we now know that it will be auctioned on Oct. 27 during RM Sotheby's 70-year anniversary of Porsche held at the Porsche Experience Center in Atlanta, Georgia. At the moment there is no word about an estimate of where the car is expected to go, but it will certainly be a lot. In any case, a car like this, professionally restored by Porsche itself, would pay a hefty price, but because the proceeds go to the good thing of the Ferry Porsche Foundation which focuses on "education, social issues and development of young people," this one will probably go for stellar money.

Unfortunately, there is a downside to paying the ransom of a king for this car, and that disadvantage is the fact that – like a recently announced follow-up car – it is actually not legal. If you are going to bid on the auction, you better take a trailer and also a lot of money.

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