Skype gets end-to-end encryption through & # 39; private conversations & # 39;

Microsoft has just launched end-to-end encryption for calls and text messages to the Skype app, and this applies to both Android and iOS, while desktop users can also benefit from this new feature. This feature is better known as & # 39; private conversations & # 39; and has been announced a long time ago, that function has been testing for a while, because the company was preparing it for a release for everyone.

So, how does this work? If you have used private conversations on other platforms, you have a pretty good idea of ​​what this is, although it is possible that it works a bit differently on Skype, depending on which app you used previously. If the person you want to chat with accepts your private chat invitation, Microsoft's technology will better protect that conversation. For example, if you activate private calls, eavesdroppers will find it difficult to do something, the same applies to chats. When you activate this new feature, specific content is even hidden from the notification panel, messages from private chat, for example. This function comes with a catch, but you can only activate a private conversation on one device at a time. Skype allows you to switch conversations to another device, but keep in mind that you can only view private messages on one device at a time.

As you have probably already realized, this option is completely optional and you can not set Skype by default for private conversations and calls, while WhatsApp is, for example, a very different story. If you want to try this feature on your smartphone, you need to make sure that your Skype app is up-to-date. Once you do that, you can tap the & # 39; New Chat & # 39; tapping and & # 39; Private conversation & # 39; select to start it.

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