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Twitter tests new functions to feel more comfortable.


Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey named two new features on Friday that "play" with the platform in an effort to make it more comfortable. They are called response strength and presence.

Answers to threading displays answers as nested, indented tweets, similar to Facebook or Reddit. Some answers also have a color code.


Twitter tests the reading of the answers (note the indented, color-coded answer) and presence (note the green dot indicating that the user is online).

Twitter / Sara Haider / Screenshot by CNET

"At the moment we have purple stating OT (original Tweeter!) And blue with & # 39; you & # 39 ;, & # 39; wrote Sara Haider, the head of the product of the company, in response to a tweet that she has posted to get feedback about the functions being tested. Dorsey has retweeted that tweet.

Presence is basically a status indicator – as yet a green circle in your profile picture – indicating "you are online and looking for a conversation," Haider said. Facebook Messenger and Instagram offer a similar function.

Haider was clear in pointing out that the properties are harsh and all the more about making it "feel more conversational here … early and iterating."

The first feedback from the Twitter verse is lukewarm about the answer that is threatening and wary of the presence function. Users want the assurance that they can disable the presence function.

"Knowing when someone is online will have far greater negative effects than positive," user Charles Arthur has tweeted as a reaction to Haider's post. "Pile-ons, targeted attacks, all that stuff, Twitter works best because it's asynchronous, it's not your" friends "like Messenger."

Twitter started to group replies tweets together in June 2015. In December it launched a function that users can enter their own tweets.

Twitter did not respond immediately to a request for comment on Sunday.

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