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Last week co-founder and president Lin Bin of Xiaomi plagued Mi fans with images that reveal the impending Mi Mix 3 little by little; the last post reveals 5G support.

These are not just a few teasers that Lin Bin casually placed on the Chinese microblogging site Weibo, these are important functions – a hidden camera that provides a notch-less screen without edges, and the prospect of being one of the first 5G phones on the market.

Last week it seemed that the president of Xiaomi might have stolen some of Honor's thunder. When the Chinese brand recommended an emerging "sliding camera" phone – Honor Magic 2 – to launch in December, Lin Bin posted a picture of the – Mi Mix 3 – which also contained a concealed camera and could be launched so late October , according to his caption.

Now it is officially revealed that the Mi Mix 3 will provide 5G support. The same image posted by Lin Bin has also been tweeted by product manager Donovan Sung, who shows the smartphone with "5G" in the status bar. Furthermore, the background looks like a test station. Sung noted that they "have successfully tested 5G data connections on Xiaomi phones, and … can not wait for the official rollout of 5G next year!"

The "next year" part probably refers to the networks – but who knows?

Regarding what that 5G support could mean, Sung claims that users can see download speeds that are ten times faster than with the current 4G. – AFP Relaxnews

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