Africa’s first social card offers an innovative way to do business

By Robin-Lee Francke Time of article published 9 hours ago

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CAPE TOWN – The founders of Wave Innovate, Dr. Chad Marthinussen and Gino Lange, have launched a new digital way of doing business.

Best friends Dr. Chad Marthinussen, 27, from Paarl, and Gino Lange, 35, from Woodstock, last week launched Vault Share, the first social map and application in Africa that encourages authentic and meaningful interactions in any social or business environment. It is the 21st century way of networking.

The duo is committed to changing the story around African technology solutions and products by launching industry-leading products across a number of technology and business genres. This includes the successful Nanowave face mask, which successfully took the company around the world and hired more than 1,000 people during the crippling Covid-19 pandemic.

With its latest gadget, a person’s contact information can be stored without the need for an intermediate application.

A person’s online profile and live digital biography are stored in one place and can be instantly shared with one tap.

The Vault Share Card aims to revolutionize business networking. Photo: supplied

“With the share map, you don’t have to work with someone else’s device to help them find your data; they have full access to it through Vault Share. We believe Covid-19 has opened the door for many new ideas to come to life, and new ways of doing things will soon become the norm, ”explained Marthinussen.

Marthinussen said Vault Share is an NFC (Near Field Communication) -based card that “is revolutionizing the art of global networking,” as business card distribution is an outdated form of networking.

“I decided to look for a piece of technology that could make the network process smoother, smoother, more secure and also more holistic.

“Handing over a business card is very outdated and not very effective, and I wanted to create something that would add value to the end user by enabling them to get the most out of their social interactions.

“Gino and I realized that South Africa (and Africa) doesn’t have a premium lifestyle-oriented carry-on ecosystem, so we ventured to create the Vault brand.

“The technology is relatively new and interest is growing daily. The end goal is clear where we want to go with the technology. The social aspect is just the beginning ”, says Marthinussen.

The Vault wallet holds up to 15 cards and comes with a money clip. Photo: supplied

He said Vault Share uses low-power Bluetooth technology and NFC to transfer pre-stored data from the social card to a new acquaintance, making available a collection of a person’s relevant and impactful digital content with just one tap.

Vault Share works with business to consumer services such as students, business owners, business professionals, recruiters and social media users; business-to-business retail, such as malls, brand stores, gas stations and convenience stores; and corporate hospitality, such as hotels, casinos, bars, night clubs, restaurants, schools, stadiums and airports.

“The Vault is a minimalist wallet for blocking radio frequency identification (RFID) from theft. This non-traditional wallet is expandable up to 15 cards and comes with an attachable money clip to store your bills, ”said Marthinussen.

He added that the Vault and Vault Share products will be of tremendous value to individuals, ensuring their essential credit card information is secure, given the rise of credit card skimming in the country.

“It will happen even more with the holidays approaching. We believe that using Vault Share will result in more effective networks and more measurable conversions, ”adds Marthinussen.

The Vault Wallet is sold for R999 and the Vault Share card for R799.

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