Mike Tyson vs Roy Jones Jr: Iron Mike eats the opponent’s ear in the Thanksgiving video

Did you think Mike Tyson eating ears was a thing of the past? Think again.

He recently got the ‘ear’ of Roy Jones Jr. smashed in in preparation for the couple’s big fight on Saturday.

But don’t worry, it’s not what it seems. It was just a funny Thanksgiving video prior to this weekend’s exhibit.

In a video entitled ‘Thanksgiving with the Tysons’, Mike invites his kids to share a pie version of Jones’ head.

Tyson says, “I like ears. It’s much better than Evander’s. “

This, of course, refers to one of the weirdest boxing incidents. During his second fight with Evander Holyfield in June 1997, Tyson bit off a large piece of his opponent’s ear during a clinch.

He was disqualified from the match by the referee and his boxing license was temporarily withdrawn.

It is one of the incidents that give ‘Iron Mike’ its fierce reputation. Not only was he a fantastic heavyweight fighter, but also an aggressive and unpredictable character.

Tyson recently told Fox News, “I bit him because I wanted to kill him. I was really angry because my head got hit. “

He also seemed frustrated that he was at odds during the fight, and that frustration may have contributed to the bizarre outcome of the fight.

We probably won’t see any ear-biting this weekend, but it’s not the first time Tyson’s antics have resulted in a PR stunt. A comical Foot Locker ad with a similar thrust saw Tyson appear at Holyfield’s house, offering the missing part of his ear in a small jewelry box.

Tyson also appeared on the Oprah Winfrey show in 2016 to address the deafening incident. He said his initial apology “was not sincere,” and eventually issued one that was.

He said, “Me and this guy are both coming out of the sewers and we saw each other grow into established and esteemed fighters and I just wanted you to know it was a pleasure to meet you.”

It’s good to see that Tyson still has a great sense of humor, especially after recent footage and footage has come out showing him looking in serious shape before getting back into boxing.

Let’s hope there is no ear biting for the real thing coming Saturday night.

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