The new Hummingbird app from Microsoft uses AI to deliver customized news

If you are a news junkie, you probably have a lot of news apps on your phone. Today, Microsoft is adding a new AI-based news app for Android users called Hummingbird (via Android Police). Unlike the already released Microsoft News app, which uses human editors to organize stories that have been adapted for you, Hummingbird is dependent on AI to distribute stories that are of interest to you.
After logging in to the app with your Microsoft or LinkedIn login information, Microsoft will ask you to choose the news categories you want to know more about. Once you've set your "Mix" setting, you can choose from 16 topics that you can add to your feed. When you open the app, you will see a number of tabs from which you can choose. The first, "Your mix", will show you stories from the categories you have selected. The other tabs are stories that are specific to the topics you've added to your feed, such as Entertainment or Sports. And you can get local news based on location data (you can choose this, but pay attention!)

If you tap on a particular story, you go to the source, but you are still in the Hummingbird app and with a tap on the & # 39; X & # 39; in the top left corner you will immediately return to the app's home page. If you tap on the burger menu in the right corner, you can not like a story and you can also block future articles from this specific source.

According to the Hummingbirds listing in the Google Play Store, "the more you use Hummingbird, the better it becomes to find and locate stories that you enjoy – and to avoid those that you do not want." Currently, the app is only available for Android users in the US.

If you like to check the news 24/7, Hummingbird might be your next favorite app.

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