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WWE star Ronda Rousey tells the world that she is trying to get pregnant

Ronda Rousey has never been afraid to tell the world exactly how she feels.

So her Instagram announcement, which left little to the imagination, would have surprised few people worldwide.

It seems that the 32-year-old UFC hunter-turned WWE star and her husband Travis Browne are trying to start a family.

Monday she posted a photo on which she kissed her with a caption & # 39; ImpregnationVacation & # 39 ;.

For months speculation has swirled that Raw Women & # 39; s Champion Ronda wanted a baby – and it seems the plans are well underway … and they don't seem to like hanging around!

It looks like they will be busy!

But can Vickie Guerrero feel a chance now?

The WWE legend has just talked about wanting to return to help Ronda.

Guerrero says she remembers how badly one of her promotions went – and that she could board and help.

She told WFAN Sports Radio: "Yes, I mean, you can be a fan that is fun and exciting.

"You can sit back in the front row and enjoy the show. Now she's in the action.

They have never been shy in their relationship

"So it's a different story now and one evening she did a promo, the fans chose her and she was fascinated with her and so she wasn't ready yet and the crowd will eat you alive if they see you have some kind of feeling feels fear or uncertainty, and they did, and I even tweeted on Twitter.

"I just heard the most terrible promo" and everyone says, "It was Ronda, right?"

"And I am like, & # 39; No comment. & # 39;

"But I see that as a fan watching on my couch.

A ring break might be on the cards

"I kind of like, & # 39; God, I'd like to promote her for doing her & # 39; because she doesn't have to do promotions."

"She has a power in the ring, so I always see that vision of: & # 39; What if I could just get in again. & # 39;"

It could be a case to view this space!

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